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Don’t let traffic “jam” your event success! Five operational factors to consider.

The Milwaukee Bucks basketball team are experiencing great success with their Eastern Conference game finals hosted at the new Fiserv Forum located in downtown Milwaukee Wisconsin. With the team’s success comes challenges for the new venue, traffic!

The Milwaukee Bucks and Country USA
LEFT - Initial grounds for CUSA holding 130,000 patrons over 3-days. RIGHT - Fiserv Forum holds 17,500 fans

Directors of special events understand that the coordination at your site is something organizers have greater control of. Mobilizing patrons and an entire region requires strategic planning. You want patrons safe and returning to your festival, sporting event or other activity, so don’t let traffic congestion deter fan loyalty.

Lessons learnedCountry USA Oshkosh WI – in our initial years we faced unplanned traffic challenges. One early Sunday evening we encountered huge congestion coming into the festival grounds one-hour prior to our main act Allan Jackson taking stage. Traffic was backed up on the freeway as well as county roads. When reaching local law enforcement, we soon learned that they had no authority when it came to the state roads, hence we needed to get the State Patrol involved. Mind you, it was raining, foggy and the inclement weather had held attendees back because they wanted to delay potentially standing in the rain at the outdoor music festival. CUSA runs June 27-29 this year at Ford Festival Park!


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