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Advancing Careers

Our services begin where with assessing where you are at in your career currently.

Are you a Rising, Rebooting, or Resetting Professional? 

Rising Professionals are just starting to figure out their interests and career path. Whether you are just graduating high school or college, or you have chosen to jump into the workplace first, we can help you get on the right path to a career you love.





Rebooting Professionals are established and enjoy the career path they chose, yet feel stagnant within their current role. These Professionals might need recommendations to secure a promotion or get refocused and enthused for enhanced job performance. 


Resetting Professionals are seasoned professionals who are senior-level executives or might own a business and are responsible for inspiring other employees to help a company prosper. Resetters could be looking to shift vocations or wind down their careers, and some even relocate and need to re-establish in a new community.



If you find yourself at one of these points in your career and seek guidance with your next steps, we offer various services for you to choose from below.


Resume | CV | Cover Letter | Interview Prep

The first items a hiring manager looks at in hiring applicants is their cover letter and resume. Here at RRS we will help you craft a cover letter that tells your personal story for why you are the best candidate for the job. We will rework your accomplishment statements to be powerful and attention grabbing regardless of your work experience. 

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LinkedIn Profile Create/Update

Your LinkedIn profile is more important than just another social media profile. When applying to new jobs it is supplemental to your resume or CV, and if you have your own business, your LinkedIn profile can help you bring in new clients. Here at RRS, we know the importance of LinkedIn. If you have yet to create a profile, or your current profile needs updating, we can help you update it to stand out from the competition and land new clients. 

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Career Path Planning

Our Career Path Planning services include an assessment that allows us to see where you are at currently and helps us get an idea of where you want to take your career. We will provide you with real tangible steps to help you reach your final destination. Whether you are new to the workforce or a veteran of it looking to make a change, we will teach you self-branding techniques to get you where you want to be.

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Resume  CV  Cover Letter  Interview Prep
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