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Are you a taker or giver?

The saying “it takes a village” has never rung truer than now during the pandemic. Nonprofits who depend on donations and volunteers have seen drastic dips in funding and participation. These organizations, whether a Chamber of Commerce, health and human service organization, church group, or other, are at the core of making communities a better place to live, work, and enjoy. They need YOU!

Have you ever looked around and wondered how your region operates, or do you leave that to chance? I am leaving politics out of this article as I am sure many have personal opinions on economic development decisions. However, your community needs you now.eds you now. Your leadership, your participation, or donations can really move mountains. You have talent and treasures that current civic servant leaders would kindly embrace. Additional benefits include building new relationships and professional connections more authentically than through social media alone.

I joined the board of Keep Pensacola Beautiful to help advance the mission “to provide education and resources for sustained community improvement”. Four years ago, I relocated to the Gulf of Mexico. I enjoy the amazing beaches, use the boat ramps and fishing piers.

I pondered; “these assets are very well maintained, are they county or city services caring for them”? To my surprise a bit of both, along with KPB which is at the forefront of environmental community pride. Together the collaborative efforts benefit this gateway to the Emerald Coast for its residents and visitors to enjoy.

Don’t just “take from your community”, consider getting involved. You can make a change. If you have children, teaching them about volunteerism gives them an increased appreciation for what they have, and it teaches life skills. Get off the side-lines and consider taking one step towards making a difference in your community for whatever initiative interests you. My professional connections and career growth started with volunteering and continues to grow from staying involved. It makes good business sense to serve my community and soul.

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