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Doctoral Commercial Self-Publishing Services & Subject Matter Expert Sourcing 

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Emerson Agency in partnership with Rutley Remote Solutions has the expertise and publishing connections to enable Ph.D. | DBA writers to build a successful business around themselves. Most online self-publishing companies are entirely consumer-driven and do not understand the educational publishing business. We understand your content and your audience and can guide you towards branding your own "knowledge franchise."

We can help you craft print books, eBooks, workbooks, course packages, custom PowerPoints, custom graphics, websites, explainer videos, and more. The academic world is changing, and the tenure-track is no longer a guaranteed option. Higher Education enlists Doctoral practitioners as Adjunct Professors also, who have a great commercial application with the dissertations they have written along with other business documents. We help our experts build and OWN a business with unlimited potential.

•    Full-Service Publishing and Coaching
•    Manuscript Coaching from an Educational Development Editor
•    Marketing and Branding Consultation
•    Full Graphics and Product Development
•    Agency Representation Package

Our “Agency Approach” allows educational writers to build a product to their needs and have ongoing consultation from those who know the business. Agency also means that if a writer submits their work for specialized niche placement and it passes review, we can offer publication representation to the larger houses. More information about self-publishing services can be found at

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