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People not profiles grow businesses.

Meet your client in person. You’ll be glad you did!

Do you work virtually? Do you have clients throughout the globe? If you answered yes, ask yourself if you ever attempted to meet your customer in-person? So often we think email communication satisfies checking in with the client. Well, that is if they decide to read your email among the plethora of others they weed through daily.

How do you stand out in a digital world when clients are inundated with choices? Have you made the time to learn about their needs first-hand? What keeps the CEO or the sales staff up at night? How can you learn about what the company offers that differentiates them from their competitors?

Spending time face-to-face with those you speak with or interact electronically is compelling. People like doing business with people, not profiles. Meet the team that makes up the organization from the receptionist to the supply chain manager. Guess what? Next time you call the office, it will won't feel like a “cold” call again.

Recently I ventured from Florida to Maryland to meet with a new client. My role in market research is to grow the brand and increase sales. Not only did I meet the team, I learned directly from the CEO how their proprietary products hold up over similar items on the market.

While onsite, I joined a training session. I got dirty and worked with the product to understand the application process. Better yet, I learned how vital the right material is for proper restoration. Historic restoration done right was critical to the attendees from The Maryland Historical Trust, the team I joined for the hands-on event. These decision makers departed the face-to-face interactive sessions with new insights and affirmation of why the right product does matter!

Do you want to increase sales? Build authentic client relationships?

1- Stand out in a digital world, call your client.

2 -Spend face-to-face time with your customer.

3 -Dive in and educate yourself on your client products or services and what differentiates them.

_______ Dr. Carla Rutley – Rutley Relationship Marketing – Growing Brands and Developing Careers

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