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Skills Required * Determination Desired

How can YOU impact the future workforce talent?

Developing Careers - I continue to serve as an adjunct professor and design college courses because I am passionate about helping others reach their educational aspirations while serving businesses by helping to prepare the future workforce. My corporate clients complain that many employees lack soft skills traits such as determination. These comments are what drives to me create industry-relevant course rigor and guide students, so they become highly sought out candidates prepared to perform on the job.

“Your patience, communication, and commitment to urging me to success are more valuable to me and how I feel than anything else you have given me. I hope I conveyed this over the phone and dearly wish I had gotten an opportunity to sit in a class of yours during my time in undergrad. It is professors like you that make a difference in students in more ways than simply teaching them about a subject.” Best, Danielle

Growing Brands - Whether you are an adjunct Professor, entrenched in a career, or enjoying life retired, we can all impact the lives of students by encouraging and informing them how drive and determination makes a candidate stand out over others in the workplace. Having the subject matter mastered is only one step towards obtaining and sustaining a successful job.

As you interact daily, please take a moment and encourage others to keep pushing when they want to give up. The habit of picking oneself up when feeling defeated or overwhelmed is what differentiates a successful career. Together let’s diminish this soft skills gap!

Dr. Carla Rutley is the principal owner of Rutley Relationship Marketing who is focused on growing businesses and developing professionals to enrich lives and create prosperous communities and a thriving society. She also teaches undergraduate and/or graduate courses as an adjunct professor at Ottawa University, Baker University, Abilene Christian University, Linfield University, and, Upper Iowa University.


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