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Proud to partner with DCLP Consultants


Rutley Remote Solutions, LLC introduces DCLP Consultants, a new partnership!

Bringing 25-years of European business structure to the United States from United Kingdom, for1099 Self-employed Independent Contractors and Consultants.

[Navarre, Florida]: Rutley Remote Solutions, LLC today announced a new client partnership with DCLP Consultants based out of Parsons Kansas. Rutley Remote Solutions LLC has been secured to help grow the new US division that provides 1099 Self-employed, contractors, consultants, and freelancers who earn $5,000 or more monthly, with a proprietary compliant structure that guarantees increased revenue. DCLP offers strategic compliance-based solutions, with principles applied like the larger businesses that are not available to contractors.

This 25-year proven structure is offered through accountancy firms in the United States. The unique structure compliments DCLP’s support services, that already improve the bookkeeping, and reporting operations for a company, allowing contractors and consultants time to stay focused on promoting their business and leave the back operations to DCLP Consultants.

“1099 Independent contractors have options to manage their self-employed small businesses with strategies that can enhance monthly cash flow and increase their growth” explains Chris Couch, President of DCLP Consultants.

Features and benefits include.

· The structure manages quarterly tax payments for contractor/consultant.

· Clients worldwide see increased monthly cash flow which helps them to pay for out-of-pocket expenses such as healthcare, retirement savings, and operations.

Navarre, Florida - Rutley Remote Solutions LLC works virtually helping small business and nonprofits grow from launch, onward. With a seasoned team, the company provides operational insights and cost-effective marketing research and publicity that spurs profits. Additionally, Dr. Rutley serves as an adjunct online Professor for multiple universities nationwide, and consults designing curriculum for higher education throughout the United States.

Parsons, Kansas - DCLP Consultants works with Independent Contracting, Consulting, or Freelance businesses onsite and remotely, assisting in growth goals. The team has well over 25+ years of experience in the financial services. DCLP offers strategic compliance-based solutions, with principles applied to larger businesses that are not offered to contractors.

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