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Does your work matter? Embrace the grace of feedback.

Do you ever stop to reflect on the feedback your clients give you? Sometimes we can get so caught up in productivity we neglect to halt, reflect, and stay grateful that we are making a difference.

Feedback matters when growing a business. If you influence but one life, advance just one client, you change a community, you change a region. Look at the words within the feedback you have been provided. What is the common theme? The author is telling you how they felt when they interacted with you. Remember that. The client is sharing what went right, so do more of that.

"Dr. Rutley- I wanted to thank you for your positive words of encouragement and amazing class experience! Since my bachelor's in 2004, your class was my first exposure in formal academics in pursuit of my master’s degree. I was excited and extremely nervous about what to expect. Needless to say, I was blown away with what I’ve learned! I absolutely look at marketing in a different manner, thanks to you! Thank you for a wonderful class and thank you for all that you do!" Respectfully, Derek K. Nicholson Business Development Manager|LEDVANCE LLC, Wilmington, MA

This same feedback analysis must be reviewed with negative comments. Listen to what is being stated and consider what could have been done before something went wrong. Are you missing a procedure to ensure a step is not missed? Do you have your processes automated to help adhere to deadlines and not let things slip through the cracks?

For a client to take the time and pay a compliment, that means you made a difference. There was thought behind that action, which moved them enough to take a moment and pass their feelings along to you. Smile, then take some pride and embrace the grace that positive feedback provides you and your business. THANK your client for their feedback good or negative, and remember, your work does matter!

Dr. Rutley is a curriculum designer, and a job coach helping professionals’ self-brand and grow their careers.

Carla is a five-time entrepreneur who has over 25 years of senior-level marketing experience working with high-profile organizations such as Summerfest, Country USA, United Way, Harley-Davidson, and more. Her expertise is in public relations, lead generation, sales, and fundraising. She is available for workshops, seminars, training, and consulting. She has been an advocate for women’s professional development for over 20 years, leading groups such as Tempo, Milwaukee Women Inc., Professional Women’s Network, and others. Her first book on career development strategies is set to be released through Emerson Agency of Baltimore, Maryland later this year.

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